UCSRB Projects

M2 Mid-Sugar Acquisition

Outcomes: acquisition of 40 acres of habitat, including 1,300 ft. of mainstem river and 550 ft. of side channel habitat This project acquired the floodplain portion of a 40- acre

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Thermal Refuge Assessment in Wenatchee and Entiat

The Chelan County Natural Resources Department (CCNRD) in partnership with the US Forest Service (USFS) implemented the Clear Creek Complex project which addressed three passage barrier culverts. The original culverts acted as barriers due to high velocities, slopes and outfall depth. Approximately 2.7 additional linear mile of stream habitat is accessable from replacing these problem culverts with bottomless arch culverts. Important habitat used by juvenile and adult ESA listed Upper Columbia summer steelhead for rearing and spawning is now available.

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Omak Creek Riparian Restoration

Outcomes: 1.1 acres of riparian acres treated; 650 feet of unvegetated banks planted with native riparian vegetation; livestock exclusion fencing placed around 1,300 feet of stream Riparian restoration along Omak

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Derby Canyon Barrier Removals

In 2016 Cascade Fisheries removed a 100% fish passage barrier culvert and replaced with a bottomless arch culvert, restoring fish passage. In 2017 CCFEG removed two fish passage barriers culverts

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