Omak Creek Riparian Restoration




Outcomes: 1.1 acres of riparian acres treated; 650 feet of unvegetated banks planted with native riparian vegetation; livestock exclusion fencing placed around 1,300 feet of stream

Riparian restoration along Omak Creek included livestock exclusion fencing to protect 1,300 feet of stream and allow vegetative regrowth and prevent erosion. In addition, 650 feet of unvegetated banks were planted with native riparian plants, resulting in 1.1 riparian acres treated on private property. Okanogan Conservation District worked with willing landowners to implement these restoration actions, which helped stabilize banks to limit erosion along this section of stream and provide high priority habitat for ESA listed steelhead. The project site was a former hay field and will now be managed to provide long-term benefits to Omak Creek.

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Department of Ecology


Project Completion Date:
December 31, 2020


Omak Creek - Okanogan River


Project Cost: