Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

Our Mission

To restore viable and sustainable populations of salmon, steelhead and other at-risk species through collaborative, economically sensitive efforts, combined resources, and wise resource management of the Upper Columbia region.

Featured Project


WA Recreation and Conservation Office Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) ($55,992)

Chelan County Natural Resources Department ($13,998)

Completion Date:

June 30, 2020


Wenatchee and Entiat Rivers and tributaries



Chelan County Natural Resources Department (CCNRD) used a combination of instream surveys and long-term temperature loggers to assess stream temperatures within 59 stream miles in the Wenatchee Watershed (WRIA 45) and 26 stream miles in the Entiat Watershed (WRIA 46). In-stream surveys resulted in identification of 40 cold water areas in study reaches, and longitudinal temperature profiles were developed for 39.6 river miles. CCNRD also developed detailed habitat data and restoration recommendations for each of the 40 identified cold spots. Cold water features, longitudinal profiles, and associated attribute data and restoration recommendations are available for viewing on an interactive web portal at the following web address: https://fishsciences.shinyapps.io/ChelanCountyNRD_ThermalRefugeMap/


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