About Northern Pike

The Northern Pike are extremely dangerous to salmonids in the Upper Columbia region and are invasive in this area. Northern Pike can devour fish that are 60% of their own length and can consume up to 70% of their diet in salmon. They take 2-4 years to mature and have an average of 40,000 eggs per spawn.* They also can live over 20 years making them prolific when they inhabit any area.

*WA Invasive Species Council

Take Action

The Colville Confederated Tribes are funding a 2021 reward program for anglers. Anglers should place the head in a labeled bag, drop off at one of their freezers in a designated locations and deposit and a $10 Reward will be mailed to you.

  • Pike reward poster PDF
  • Pike reward program rules PDF
  • Pike drop-off locations/map PDF
  • Pike fish head removal instructions PDF

It is illegal to transport live fish throughout the region. If you catch a Northern Pike, you should kill the fish.

For more information, click here.

Report any sightings of Northern Pike to officials who can track their locations. Report here

Pike have the ability to eradicate some of our native salmonids that we’re trying to conserve and protect.

Holly McLellan, Fisheries Biologist with Colville Confederated Tribes. Tweet

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