M2 Mid-Sugar Acquisition




Outcomes: acquisition of 40 acres of habitat, including 1,300 ft. of mainstem river and 550 ft. of side channel habitat

This project acquired the floodplain portion of a 40- acre property along both banks of the middle Methow River. The property includes approximately 1,300 ft. of mainstem river and 550 ft. of side channel. Acquisition of this property added to an existing suite of parcels that consists of five properties previously acquired by MSRF with regional funding support and will allow retirement of development rights, future restoration on this and adjacent properties, and increased certainty for restoration within the project area. Proposed restoration to these properties includes modification of an existing levee to increase floodplain connection, reconnection of side channel areas, and increased instream habitat complexity to benefit ESA-listed spring Chinook and steelhead.

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WA Recreation and Conservation Office Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) ($226,519) and Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation ($43,487)


Project Completion Date:
December 31, 2020


Methow River


Project Cost: