Integration of actions across all sectors affecting salmon and steelhead

Completed Integrated Recovery Background Summaries:

Purpose of Integrated Recovery Reports ( a.k.a. “All H” Summaries):

  • to improve integrated decision-making;
  • as a communication and outreach tool;
  • as a means for identifying key uncertainties and gaps in knowledge and understanding; and
  • as a means for better understanding progress toward integrated recovery.

These reports are based on unbiased, scientific information and data compiled from a variety of sources working within each sector.

Inherent in the creation of the Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan (Recovery Plan) was the reliance on integration of actions across all sectors affecting salmon and steelhead; harvest, hatcheries, hydropower, and habitat. It also includes the integration of actions beyond the boundaries of the Upper Columbia region (e.g. lower Columbia, estuary, and ocean). As one strategy for addressing the need for coordination and integration of efforts across management sectors, we created an Integrated Recovery Program. We have also prepared Integrated Recovery Reports which are essentially detailed background summaries for each of the management sectors.

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