The 2016 Upper Columbia Science Conference wrapped up last Thursday. We had almost 350 people in attendance and thanks to our generous sponsors, an exceptional lineup of speakers, and the great attendance this conference was a huge success. The primary goal of the conference was to provide updates on the most up-to-date science and provide the opportunity for our partners to network and interact with each other. Wold-renowned speakers such as Sara LaBorde from the Wild Salmon Center, Dan Isaak from the U.S. Forest Service, Jack Stanford from the University of Montana, and Jeffrey Heer from the University of Washington among others helped make this a top-notch science conference.

The agenda covered current fish status, habitat restoration, climate change, watershed ecology, and modeling. We added science communication to our conference this year and got a great response from people about those talks in particular. Also new this year was a film festival that highlighted regional and national films about salmon, salmon recovery, rivers, and restoration. As follow-up to the conference we will be posting all the presentations on our website and we will have links to all the films that were shown.

Thanks again to all those that helped make this year’s conference a success and we will see you all again in 2018!

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