The Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board (UCSRB) Lead Entity received 12 project proposals for the 2014 Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) funding cycle. This is a relatively small number in comparison to 2013 and 2012 when the Lead Entity received over double the amount of project proposals.  This may be a result of the reach-scale projects funded through the UCSRB’s Habitat Programmatic funding in the Wenatchee, Entiat, Methow and Okanogan subbasins.  Of the twelve projects, eight are proposed in the Methow subbasin and 4 are proposed in the Wenatchee subbasin (none submitted for work in the Okanogan or Entiat this year). The total request for these twelve proposals equals $2,482,000.  The UCSRB projects it will receive a SRFB allocation of $1,953,000 (10.85% of the total Washington State SRFB project dollars available).

The project types include:

  • 6 Instream Channel Projects (5 design and 1 implementation)
  • 1 Barrier Design
  • 1 Instream Flow Project
  • 1 Protection Project
  • 1 Riparian Project
  • 1 Beaver Reintroduction Project
  • 1 Instream Complexity Project

Project Tours – More than 25 people participated in each of the recent Methow and Wenatchee project tours.  Participants included members from the RTT, SRFB State Review Panel, Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Tributary Committee, project sponsors and others.  See tour photos here.

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