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Links to recently-released peer-reviewed papers related to salmon recovery.

Full Article Access – We have linked to full-text copies of the articles where they are available. For questions about how to access the full text of other articles, please contact Greer Maier at [email protected].

Wanted dead or alive: A state-space mark-recapture-recovery model incorporating multiple recovery types and state uncertainty. 2017. Nathan J Hostetter, Beth Gardner, Allen F. Evans, Bradley M Cramer, Quinn Payton, Ken Collis, Daniel D Roby. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Hierarchical Bayesian estimation of unobserved salmon passage through weirs. 2017. James R. Jasper, Margaret Short, Christopher Shelden, W. Stewart Grant. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Spatial and temporal patterns of covariation in productivity of Chinook salmon populations of the Northeastern Pacific. 2017. Brigitte Dorner, Matthew J. Catalano, Randall M Peterman. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Exploring the Use of Environmental DNA to Determine the Species of Salmon Redds. 2017. Burke Strobel, Matthew B. Laramie & David S. Pilliod. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.

Decline in the Half-Pounder Life History among Trinity River, California, Steelhead. 2017. Matthew L. Peterson, David G. Hankin & Kaitlyn Manishin. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.

Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Applications for Freshwater Fisheries. 2017. Daniel C. Dauwalter, Kurt A. Fesenmyer, Robin Bjork, Douglas R. Leasure & Seth J. Wenger. Fisheries.

Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Environmental Change: Lessons from One of the World’s Remaining Productive Salmon Regions. 2017. Erik R. Schoen, Mark S. Wipfli, E. Jamie Trammell, Daniel J. Rinella, Angelica L. Floyd, Jess Grunblatt, Molly D. McCarthy, Benjamin E. Meyer, John M. Morton, James E. Powell, Anupma Prakash, Matthew N. Reimer, Svetlana L. Stuefer, Horacio Toniolo, Brett M. Wells & Frank D. W. Witmer. Fisheries.

Efficacy of 12-mm Half-Duplex Passive Integrated Transponder Tags in Monitoring Fish Movements through Stationary Antenna Systems. 2017. Cindy F. Baker, Kathryn Reeve, Dylan Baars, Don Jellyman & Paul Franklin. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.

Tag effects on prespawn mortality of Chinook Salmon: A field experiment using PIT tags, radio transmitters, and untagged controls. 2017. George P. Naughton, Matthew L. Keefer, Tami S. Clabough, Matthew J. Knoff, Timothy J. Blubaugh & Christopher C. Caudill. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.

Use of Bottom Structure and Tank Cover during Rainbow Trout Rearing in Circular Tanks. 2017. J. Krebs, E. Krebs, ME Barnes, KM Crank. Journal of Fisheries and Livestock Production.

At the forefront: evidence of the applicability of using environmental DNA to quantify the abundance of fish populations in natural lentic waters with additional sampling considerations. 2017. Stephen L. Klobucar, Torrey W. Rodgers, Phaedra Budy. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Endangered Winter-Run Chinook Salmon Rely on Diverse Rearing Habitats in a Highly Altered Landscape. 2017. Corey C. Phillis, Anna M. Sturrock, Rachel C. Johnson, & Peter K. Weber. Biological Conservation.


Comment 1: Why It Is Time to Put PHABSIM Out to Pasture. 2017. Hal A. Beecher. Fisheries.

Comment 2: Don’t Throw Out the Baby (PHABSIM) with the Bathwater: Bringing Scientific Credibility to Use of Hydraulic Habitat Models, Specifically PHABSIM. 2017. Clair B. Stalnaker, Ian Chisholm & Andrew Paul. Fisheries.

Why It Is Time to Put PHABSIM Out to Pasture: Response to Comments 1 and 2. 2017. Steven F. Railsback. Fisheries



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