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Links to recently-released peer-reviewed papers related to salmon recovery.

Full Article Access – We have linked to full-text copies of the articles where they are available. For questions about how to access the full text of other articles, please contact Greer Maier at [email protected].

Evaluating spatial and temporal variability in growth and mortality for recreational fisheries with limited catch data. 2017. Yan Li, Tyler Wagner, Yan Jiao, Robert Lorantas, Cheryl A Murphy. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Species.

Estimating disperser abundance using open population models that incorporate data from continuous detection PIT arrays. 2017. Maria C. Dzul, Charles B. Yackulic, Josh Korman. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Species.

Canopy closure after four decades of postlogging riparian forest regeneration reduces cutthroat trout biomass in headwater streams through bottom-up pathways. 2017. Matthew J. Kaylor, Dana R. Warren. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Species.

Columbia River plume fronts. II. Distribution, abundance, and feeding ecology of juvenile salmon. 2017. Robert L. Emmett, Robert A. Schabetsberger, Cheryl A. Morgan, Alex De Robertis, Carolyn M. Knight, Richard W. Zabel, Richard D. Brodeur, Gregory K. Krutzikowsky, Edmundo Casillas. Oregon State University.

Vertical self-sorting behavior in juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha): evidence for family differences and variation in growth and morphology. 2017. Julia R. Unrein, Eric J. Billman, Karen M. Cogliati, Rob Chitwood, David L. G. Noakes, Carl B. Schreck. Environmental Biology of Fishes.

Effects of hatchery supplementation on abundance and productivity of natural-origin Chinook salmon: two decades of evaluation and implications for conservation programs. 2017. David A Venditti, Ryan N Kinzer, Kimberly A Apperson, Bruce Barnett, Matthew Belnap, Timothy Copeland, Matthew P Corsi, Kurt Tardy. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Species.

Fate of juvenile salmonids stranded in off-channel pools: implications for nutrient transfers. 2017. Richard H. Walker, Bryan M. Maitland, Tayler N. LaSharr, Michael N. Rosing, Merav Ben-David. Aquatic Sciences.

Using a qualitative model to explore the impacts of ecosystem and anthropogenic drivers upon declining marine survival in Pacific salmon. 2017. Kathryn L. Sobocinski, Correigh M. Greene, Michael W. Schmidt. Environmental Conservation.




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