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Restoring Western Headwater Streams with LowTech Process-Based Methods: A Review of the Science and Case Study Results, Challenges, and Opportunities


Low-tech process based restoration (LTPBR) is a subset of process-based restoration (PBR) that seeks to re-establish natural stream processes by reconnecting incised streams with their floodplains and adjacent wetlands so that more frequent inundation of the floodplain occurs. Over the last decade, interest in designing and implementing LTPBR projects has grown considerably, and projects have been implemented across the west. This report reviews both published and unpublished research, case studies and project information on the effects of restoring incised and degraded headwater streams in Colorado and other western states with LTPBR.

Relocated beaver can increase water storage and decrease stream temperature in headwater streams

How does over two decades of active wood reintroduction result in changes to stream channel features and aquatic habitats of a forested river system?

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