Bill Towey, a founding member of the UCSRB and long-time Fish and Wildlife Policy Analyst for the Colville Confederated Tribes, has recently taken a new position with the Chelan County PUD.  We will miss Bill’s visionary thinking about the balance between science and policy, and his commitment to an integrated, all-H approach to salmon recovery.  His sense of humor and fly-fishing expertise will also be sorely missed!  With immense gratitude for Bill’s many years of service, we wish him well in his new endeavors.

We also welcome Chuck Brushwood, Colville Confederated Tribe Fish and Wildlife Policy Analyst, as the new representative on the UCSRB.

From right to left are UCSRB members, Steve Jenkins (Douglas County Commissioner),  Andy Hover (Okanogan County Commissioner), Bill Towey (former UCSRB member), Ron Walter (retired UCSRB member and retired Chelan County Commissioner) and Chuck Brushwood, (Colville Confederated Tribes).

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