On April 30th a single day high of 17,972 salmonids passed Bonneville Dam making it the third highest one day total seen since 2002!  That passage total included 17,409 adult Chinook salmon as well as 519 Chinook jacks and 43 steelhead.

As of May 26th the total count of adult spring Chinook crossing Rock Island Dam into the Upper Columbia was 15,830. This is above the 10-year average of 8,933 adults and above the 2013 (7,004 adults) count at this time. Above Rock Island the count at Rocky Reach Dam is 8,854 adults and at Wells Dam it is 6,551 adult indicating the relative returns to each subbasin. The majority of adults coming back are hatchery-origin although the exact percentages of hatchery returns versus natural-origin returns has not been calculated. If you would like to continue to track the spring Chinook return visit the Fish Passage Center Database.

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