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Links to recently-released peer-reviewed papers related to salmon recovery.

Full Article Access – We have linked to full-text copies of the articles where they are available. For questions about how to access the full text of other articles, please contact Greer Maier at [email protected].


Long-term monitoring reveals the success of salmonid habitat restoration. 2016. Paulina Louhi, Teppo Vehanen, Ari Huusko, Aki Maki-Petays & Timo Muotka. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

The effects of oxygen depletion due to upwelling groundwater on the posthatch fitness of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar). 2016. Jack Bloomer, David Sear, Peter Dutey-Magni & Paul Kemp. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Effects of stream-adjacent logging in fishless headwaters on downstream coastal cutthroat trout. 2016. Douglas S. Bateman, Matthew R. Sloat,, Robert E. Gresswell, Aaron M. Berger, David  P. Hockman-Wert, David W. Leer & Arne E. Skaugset. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Recovery of Sockeye Salmon in the Elwha River, Washington, after Dam Removal: Dependence of Smolt Production of the Resumption of Anadromy by Landlocked Kokanee. 2016. Adam G. Hansen, Jennifer R. Gardner, David A. Beauchamp, Rebecca Paradis, & Thomas P. Quinn. Transaction of the American Fisheries Society.

Tropic Feasibility of Reintroducing Anadromous Salmonids in Three Reservoirs on the North Fork Lewis River, Washington: Prey Supply and Consumption Demand of Residents Fishes. 2016. Mark H. Sorel, Adam G. Hansen, Kristin A. Connelly & David A. Beauchamp. Transaction of the American Fisheries Society.

Family Dominance at the Fry Stage Weakly Influences Mean Family Body Length at Smolting in Hatchery-Reared Steelhead. 2016. Neil F. Thompson & Michael S. Blouin. Transaction of the American Fisheries Society.

Emergency Fish Passage at a Fractured Mainstem Columbia River Dam. 2016. Todd N. Pearsons, Thomas J. Dresser, Peter J. Graf, Michael S. Nicholls, Shannon Lowry, Michael C. Clement & Curtis L. Dotson. Fisheries.

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