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Links to recently-released peer reviewed papers related to salmon recovery.

Full article access – We have links to full text copies of the articles where they are available. For questions about how to access the full text of other articles, please contact Greer Maier at [email protected]

Reintroduced Beavers Rapidly Influence the Storage and Biogeochemistry of Sediments in Headwater streams (Methow River, Washington)

Modeling the Potential impacts of Climate Change on Pacific Salmon Culture Programs: An Example at Winthrop National Fish Hatchery

Physical controls on salmon redd site selection in restored reaches of a regulated, gravel-bed river

Do genomics and sex predict migration in a partially migratory salmonid fish, Oncorhynchus mykiss?

Estimating population size and observation bias for spring Chinook Salmon

Classifying and inferring behaviors using real-time acceleration biotelemetry in reproductive steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Identifying hidden biocomplexity and genomic diversity in Chinook salmon, an imperiled species with a history of anthropogenic influence

Nonstationary effects of ocean temperature on Pacific salmon productivity

Mortality and injury assessment for three species of fish exposed to simulated turbine blade strike

Understanding gas bubble trauma in an era of hydropower expansion: How do fish compensate at depth?

Grow Chinook: An optimized multi-model and graphic user interface for predicting juvenile Chinook Salmon growth in Lentic Ecosystems




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