2010 Adaptive Management Workshop


November 16, 2010 |


The Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board (UCSRB) and the Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team (UCRTT) hosted the first Upper Columbia Habitat Adaptive Management Science Conference on November 16, 2010. Attendees gathered to learn about and discuss the science, and trends regarding the current status of ESA-listed, spring Chinook salmon and steelhead across the Upper Columbia and to consider the implementation of actions to sustain and improve future habitat.

Recommendations for made in the Synthesis Report was used to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of actions implemented to restore salmon populations.

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Chapter 0: Introduction by Casey Baldwin

Chapter 1: Status of VSP for Each Population and the ESU by Casey Baldwin

Chapter 2: Implementation, Limiting Factors, and Threats by Cameron Thomas

Chapter 2.5: Habitat Project Implementation Overview by Derek Van Marter

Chapter 3: Habitat Status and Trend by John Arterburn

Chapter 4: Habitat Action Effectiveness by Karl Polivka

Chapter 5: Data Gaps and Research Needs by Keely Murdoch

The 2010 Analysis Workshop Synthesis Report was a key outcome that was presented at the Upper Columbia Habitat Adaptive Management 2010 Science Conference.


UCRTT 2010 Adaptive Management Synthesis Report

UCRTT 2010 Analysis Workshop Synthesis Report bibliography


One hundred and fifty stakeholders and project implementers from the public, local government, state and federal agencies, and tribes from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.