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Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board Press Release 11/19/2020For more information contact: Nicole Jordan [email protected] 360-319-1365  

The Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board (UCSRB) is excited to announce the completion of a series of documents summarizing salmon management programs—habitat, hatcheries, harvest and hydropower—and their reported outcomes related to Upper Columbia salmonids listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The development of these background summaries is part of a larger Integrated Recovery Approach adopted by the UCSRB in 2017 with the goal of collaborating and coordinating with partners from the various management sectors. The documents are complementary to the Upper Columbia Spring Chinook and Steelhead Recovery Plan, which calls for integration across all management sectors to achieve recovery of ESA-listed salmonids.

To develop these documents, the UCSRB worked closely with a technical advisory group of experts from each of the management sectors to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date data and information was compiled.

These documents are available to the public and can be used to:

a) improve integrated decision-making;

b) communicate efforts in educational settings;

c) identify key uncertainties and gaps in knowledge and understanding; and

d) better track and understand progress toward integrated recovery.

The four documents are available for download here:

For more information on the UCSRB and the Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan, visit

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