RTT and MaDMC Workshops

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2016 MaDMC Monitoring Coordination Meeting

February 23, 2016

The Monitoring and Data Management Coordination Group of the RTT meets annually to coordinate monitoring efforts for the coming years and to update monitoring partners on recent projects, programs, and information. Information from the 2016 Meeting is provided below:


2016 MONITORING PROGRAM SUMMARY SHEET- Wenatchee, Entiat, Methow, and Okanogan


2014 Fish and Fire Workshops

September 9, 2014, November 12, 2014

In response to the extensive fires in 2014 in the Upper Columbia, the UCSRB Implementation Team and the Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team hosted Dr. Susan Prichard (UW), Dr. Gordon Reeves and Dr. Paul Hessburg (USFS) for presentation of information on fire ecology and fire effects on fish. The guests delivered the following presentations:  PDF – Susan Pritchard, UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences,  PDF– Gordon Reeves, USFS,  PDF– Paul Hessburg, USFS.