Targeted Investment Program



The Targeted Investment (TI) program was adopted by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) in 2020, and most recently amended in May of 2023. A Targeted Investment is a high-impact project that has significant salmon recovery benefits.

The current TI grant round will run in conjunction with the regular 2024 SRFB grant round. To balance the opportunity for funding these large projects, each region may submit up to six (6) projects for consideration. Eligible projects must request between $1 – $5 million.

SRFB will review and rank lists from each region and allocate 2024 supplemental funds as available. To ensure regional priorities are considered, points will be awarded to TI projects based on regionally assigned ranks and will contribute to the overall SRFB panel rankings. Unfunded TI projects will be presented to the legislature as a separate, large project funding request for the 2025-2027 biennium.

Targeted Investment Project Priorities

  1. Drive significant population-scale benefits consistent with regional recovery priorities.
  2. Accelerate the on-the-ground pace and scale of project implementation.

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Staff Contact:

Ariel Edwards

[email protected]

Match: The SRFB waives the match requirement for targeted investment projects, unless otherwise required as part of a specific targeted investment grant round.

For more information about the Targeted Investment Program, please view Appendix J (updated May 2023) of Manual 18.

In addition to the eligibility requirements found in Section 2: Eligible Projects, each project proposal must satisfy all the following eligibility criteria:

  • Address both SRFB targeted investment funding priorities above.
  • Restore and/or acquire habitat, which may include design funding.
  • Request more than $1 million from SRFB, except as otherwise specified in a particular grant round.
  • Be supported by the lead entity where the project is located.
  • Not be fully funded by the current regional allocation or sub-allocation to lead entities.
  • Have a letter of support from the regional recovery organization where the project is located detailing the project’s alignment with specific population-level recovery objectives and/or limiting factors prioritized for this funding by the regional recovery organization.

In addition to the ranking criteria described in Appendix J, additional points will be awarded by regional ranking.

Regional Ranking 0-6 Projects that rank higher as part of the regional review process will receive the highest score.

6 = Targeted investment project is ranked first within a region.

5 = Targeted investment project is ranked second within a region.

4 = Targeted investment project is ranked third within a region.

3 = Targeted investment project is ranked fourth within a region or is in a region that did not rank projects submitted for funding consideration.

2 = Targeted investment project is ranked fifth within a region.

1 = Targeted investment project is ranked sixth within a region.


RTT Scoring Criteria for Pre-Proposals

RTT Scoring Criteria for Full-Proposals

CAC Ranking Criteria