Targeted Investment Program



The Targeted Investment program was adopted by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) in 2020. A Targeted Investment is a project that addresses a SRFB-identified priority to accelerate progress towards achieving salmon recovery. Each biennium, the SRFB determines if there are funds available (above and beyond the annual SRFB allocations) and chooses one or more priorities. When funding is available, project applications will be accepted during the regular SRFB grant round during the second year of the biennium (even years). Each salmon recovery region may submit only one project proposal.

For this biennium (during the 2022 grant round) the SRFB priority is Southern Resident orca recovery and actions that benefit specific stock groups that are a high priority in the Southern Resident Orca Task Force recommendations.

The Targeted Investment application timeline and review process will mirror the SRFB grant round, beginning February 9th and ending June 27th, 2022. Key steps in the application process include site visits, RTT scoring, and Citizens’ Advisory Committee ranking of proposals. As with the SRFB grant round, the Lead Entity (LE) Coordinator will help facilitate all stages of the Targeted Investment application process. The Upper Columbia’s one application will be submitted to RCO no later than June 27, 2022; the same date final SRFB applications will be due. Targeted Investment applications must meet all regular SRFB project application requirements.

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