Lead Entity Outreach Grants



Grant round is closed for 2021

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Staff Contact:

Nicole Jordan
[email protected]

Outreach and Education Grant Timeline

Grant Process Launch July 26
Proposals Due August 23
Project Selection by UCSRB and County Citizens’ Advisory Committee Members August 25-September 3
Contract Start September 15
Contract End June 30, 2022

Outreach and education projects will be selected based on their ability to increase stakeholder understanding of ecological concerns impacting salmon and their habitat, and how such concerns can be addressed, and to build broad-based support for recovery activities implemented by Upper Columbia project sponsors. Preference may be given to outreach activities that can be shown to “directly lead to salmon recovery projects.” Collaborative/ cross-county projects are acceptable.

Sponsors already receiving outreach funding from UCSRB this fiscal year (July 2021 – June 2022) are not eligible to submit proposals.