The Recovery Plan was developed locally in response to the salmon and steelhead listings in the late 1990s. Since then, partners have worked with hundreds of landowners across the region to engage them in the need and get approval to implement a project based on the scientific guidance from the region. These projects are all consistent with the recovery plan and comprehensively represents our road map to success. Without engaged and willing landowners, project implementation does not happen. Without proper implementation, the region cannot prevail from the restrictions placed on us by the federal law. In and of itself, the Plan is a non-regulatory document. It is not intended to be, nor may it serve as a regulatory document forcing landowner action.

Information on the projects implemented under the Plan can be found through an online portal called the Habitat Work Schedule. The following comes from the Habitat Work Schedule. Clicking a live link on the left (project number) will take you to the system page for that project. Not all information may be available for every project, and the information is regularly updated.