Upper Burns and Angle Point




Outcomes: 0.47 miles of off-channel stream created or connected; 5 acres of channel/off-channel connected or added; 1.5 miles of stream treated for channel structure placement; 20 structures placed in channel; 9 acres planted in riparian; 0.75 miles of streambank planted

The goal of this project was to create peripheral and transitional habitat, as well as create instream complexity and diversity, that was lacking in this reach of the Entiat River. Floodplain, alcove and side-channel inundation was created and connected to be perennial instead of only during high flow conditions. In the mainstem, wood was constructed in crib-like fashion emulating natural accumulations to provide cover and complexity at various locations. All disturbed areas as well as those riparian areas lacking in density were replanted with native vegetation. This project, coupled with work already completed in previous years creates 8 miles of contiguous restoration actions and habitat with high intrinsic potential.

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WA Recreation and Conservation Office Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) ($404,000); Tributary Committee ($189,000) and federal match ($477,500)



Lake Creek Assessment Unit – Entiat River


Project Cost: