Targeted Process

The Upper Columbia Programmatic Habitat Project (“Programmatic”) implements reach-based habitat restoration projects in high biological priority areas in the Upper Columbia Region. The Programmatic provides a coordinated regional process for aligning mitigation obligations under the 2008 FCRPS Biological Opinion (BiOp) with recovery needs and priorities identified in the Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan (Recovery Plan) (UCSRB 2007), and associated Biological Strategy (UCRTT 2013). The Programmatic also provides the robust coordination necessary among Action Agencies, land managers, project sponsors and scientists necessary design, select and implement reach-based projects that achieve the highest biologic benefit, and ensure project goals will be met.

The Programmatic Project has successfully developed and implement large-scale, high biological priority actions that align with the Recovery Plan and BiOp mitigation. Over the past seven years, the Programmatic has resulted in the implementation of some of the highest priority projects in the region for recovery of listed steelhead and spring Chinook. To date, ten high priority restoration projects have been implemented across all four subbasins in the Upper Columbia.  Half of those projects were reach-scale projects that included multiple project elements across many miles of habitat. All projects have been in priority areas for restoration and have addressed priority habitat impairments as outlined in the Biological Strategy (UCRTT 2013).

Click here to for a list of Upper Columbia Habitat Programmatic projects from 2010 to 2017.