20201125 - UpperColumbiaFishPassagePrioritization.pdf

To develop the prioritization strategy, the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board (UCSRB) convened a technical working group to provide input and review. The group reviewed several existing fish passage prioritization and scoring approaches including Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s Priority Index (PI) approach (WDFW 2009), the Brian Abbott Washington Fish Passage Removal Board scoring criteria, the RTT’s 2008 barrier prioritization strategy, as well as several other approaches described in the literature (Branco et al. 2014; Diebel et al. 2015; Kemp and O’Hanley 2010; King and O’Hanley 2016; King et al. 2017; Neeson et al. 2015; Peterson et al. 2013) . Based on a review of the potential metrics the technical work group decided to use three categories of indicators to prioritize fish passage projects – species indicators, habitat indicators, and barrier indicators. The RTT adopted the following prioritization approach in 2018 (updated in 2020) for use across the region. Links to results for the region are provided in the document.

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