Upper Columbia Fish Passage Project Prioritization Tool

In the spring of 2018 UCSRB and Aspect Consulting, LLC developed a GIS-based tool for prioritizing barriers in the Upper Columbia. The tool uses readily available data layers to generate information about fish, habitat, and barrier status that is used to score and rank fish passage projects. The project was supported by numerous partners and the Regional Technical Team (RTT) subsequently adopted the prioritization approach for use across the region. The tool has been run for the Wenatchee subbasin and is planned for the Methow, Entiat, and Okanogan following barrier assessments in those areas by Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group (CCFEG). The project was funded by CCFEG and Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) through SRFB funding. The objective of the Fish Passage Prioritization Strategy is to provide a consistent, repeatable, systematic, and well-documented approach for prioritizing fish passage projects. This intent is to provide a transparent prioritization process that will assist restoration practitioners and managers with making decisions. The intent is to revise this strategy periodically as new information becomes available or the need for revisions arises. Because the prioritization strategy has been built by Aspect Consulting, Inc. into an ArcGIS tool, changes can be made to the underlying metrics, weightings, or scoring systems and the tool can be rerun with new barrier data sets at any time. More information can be found through the links below.

Questions about the barrier prioritization tool can be sent to Greer Maier, Science Program Manger, at greer.maier@ucsrb.org