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Welcome to the UCSRB Community Resource Page!

Would you like to see salmon in our valley? It is always a great time to be outdoors with your family viewing salmon!

Please use the attached brochure to see salmon in our valley in their native habitat. Viewing sites from Leavenworth to Okanogan are listed in the attached brochure and will provide hours of learning and enjoyment for you and your family! Please use safe viewing practices and respect all signage and private property boundaries. Get out and get fishy and enjoy viewing salmon from January to December with your family!

Salmon Sightings & Spawning Areas Outreach Resource Guide
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The UCSRB recently created a document with new information on emerging issues on the Upper Columbia and its critical habitat for salmon and Steelhead. Emerging issues such as, low returns, poor ocean conditions, orca whales who are struggling to survive, sea lions, avian habitat, intenser fire seasons and drought degraded habitat are all conditions that affect our listed salmonids.

UCSRB Emerging Issues for 2019
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Would you like to volunteer? Please contact the UCSRB office at (509) 662-4707 for volunteer opportunities with our organization or we will gladly put you in touch with our partner organizations who are looking for volunteers as well!