Regional Technical Team

The UCSRB asked for an independent regional technical team to convene for the following functions: 1) recommend region-wide strategies and priorities to protect and restore salmonid habitat; 2) aid in developing and evaluating salmon recovery projects within the Upper Columbia Region, as appropriate; and 3) aid in developing guidance for salmon recovery monitoring plans, as appropriate. An important function of the RTT is to assess the technical merits of habitat protection and restoration projects proposed for funding. The RTT established a scientific foundation for this process that is documented in the Upper Columbia Biological Strategy to assist in the identification of habitat projects that will best contribute to the recovery of native salmonids. The composition of the RTT changes infrequently.


Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team Documents

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Name Last Modified Download
03-04-2019 18:06 Download
2020 Regional Data Gaps List - MaDMC
01-10-2020 15:24 Download
2020 Revised Biological Strategy
03-16-2018 9:29 Download
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11-07-2019 9:49 Download
06-17-2014 14:39 Download
RTT 2019 SRFB Scoring Criteria
11-13-2019 8:06 Download
12-30-2019 11:17 Download
RTT Membership
09-09-2019 13:13 Download
RTT Operating Procedures
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08-01-2006 14:26 Download
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