RTT and MaDMC Workshops

The Regional Technical Team (RTT) periodically convenes seminars to discuss relevant topics related to salmon recovery in the Upper Columbia. These events are intended to discuss topics of importance in the region. Information about past seminars can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that some of the information provided below is preliminary and in draft form.  Please respect the authors of this information and ask their permission before using it in any way, including as a citation. Thank you.

2/11/2015 Regional Technical Team Hydropower Workshop (AGENDA)

Links to Presentations (*Please contact authors before using any of this information): 

PDF - Tom Kahler - Douglas PUD

PDF - Tom Dresser, Grant PUD 

3/5/2015 MaDMC Annual Monitoring Coordination Meeting (AGENDA)

Links to Presentations (*Please contact authors before using any of this information): 

PDF - Johnson McClain, WDFW - Precision of redd surveys

PDF - Andrew Murdoch, WDFW - Relative reproductive success studies (Wenatchee spring Chinook and Methow steelhead)

PDF - Ben Truscott, WDFW - Change from spawning surveys to use of PIT arrays for steelhead in Entiat and Wenatchee

PDF - John Walter, WDFW - Juvenile fish movement and survival/habitat monitoring

PDF - John Crandall, MSRF and R.D. Nelle, USFWS- Lamprey monitoring

Links to Monitoring Summary Tables (Available April 2015):





2014 Fish and Fire Workshops

September 9, 2014, November 12, 2014

In response to the extensive fires in 2014 in the Upper Columbia, the UCSRB Implementation Team and the Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team hosted Dr. Susan Prichard (UW), Dr. Gordon Reeves and Dr. Paul Hessburg (USFS) for presentation of information on fire ecology and fire effects on fish. The guests delivered the following three presentations: 

PDF - Susan Pritchard, UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

PDF- Gordon Reeves, USFS

PDF- Paul Hessburg, USFS