Implementation Team Meetings

The Implementation Team (IT) meeting materials are posted below.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that some of the information provided below is preliminary and in draft form.  Please respect the authors of this information and ask their permission before using it in any way, including as a citation. Thank you.


2/11/2015 Wood and Risk

Greer Maier Wood placement in river restoration: A review 


Josh Latterell How risk affects the use of large wood in King County river restoration projects: Examples from 2009-2014

King County Draft Guidance - Public Safety Management Plan Example Checklist

MOVIE - Restoring Rainbow Bend

MOVIE - Rainbow Bend Construction and Channel Changes  

Scott Nicolai Wood replenishment: A super hero in the battle against climate change

Allen Lebovitz Aquatic habitat restoration on WDNR managed state lands

Phil Roni et al. Wood placement in river restoration: fact, fiction, and future direction - Can. J. Fish. Aqu. Sci. 2014 72: 1-13