Science is the foundation of understanding. The UCSRB works with both natural and social science to understand the biological, physical and societal implications of ongoing river restoration efforts. Through our science program, the UCSRB compiles information currently available, regularly reports on our progress to meeting established recovery goals, and responds to frequent requests for information. The science staff closely coordinate with the Regional Technical Team, providing a symbiotic approach to the planning and implementation science with the synthesized results of our progress.  This adaptive approach to implementation is necessary for us to implement and adjust in our approach as we learn more about what the information is telling us: how effective the actions are, how the fish are responding, how close we getting to our goals. The science team also works very closely with the forest health effort to ensure that relevant and available technical information is influencing the conversation on how to proceed with forest restoration. Finally, much of this information is synthesized for use on or regional outreach materials.

Greer Maier is the Science Program Manager.