Annual SRFB Process

Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) Resources

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2017 Final SRFB Proposals

Chelan County Proposals
Okanogan County Proposals

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Project Name Project Type HWS Project Number PRISM Project Number
Methow Barrier and Diversion Assessment Assessment 02-LMR-2017-01 17-1230
M2 Reach – WDFW Flow Connection Restoration 02-MMR-2017-02 17-1227
Methow Bull Trout Population Status Monitoring 02-UMR-2017-01 17-1226
M2 Mid-Sugar Acquisition Acquisition 02-MMR-2017-01 17-1180
Mad River, Roaring and Mill Creek Assessment 03-MAD-2017-01 17-1189
Stormy Preserve Restoring Wood Recruitment Restoration 03-MER-2017-01 17-1229
Tillicum Creek Culvert Replacement Restoration 03-MAD-2017-02 17-1200
Lower Derby Creek Fish Passage Restoration 04-LIW-2017-01 17-1228
Piscine Passage for Brush and Minnow Creek Design 04-CHW-2017-01 17-1231
Icicle Creek .3-1.1 Habitat Design Design 04-ICL-2017-03 17-1207
Icicle/Wenatchee Confluence Side Channel Design 04-ICL-2017-02 17-1204
Nason Creek Road De-Commissioning Design/Restoration 04-NAS-2017-01 17-1242
Nason Kahler Reach Preliminary Design Design 04-NAS-2017-02 17-1243
Sleepy Hollow Side Channel Feasibility Study Design 04-LIW-2017-02 17-1202
Thermal Refuge Assessment in the UC Assessment 04-LIW-2017-03 17-1241
Wenatchee LIDAR Acquisition Watershed Assessment Assessment 04-UWR-2017-01 17-1203
Clear Creek Fish Passage Restoration Restoration 04-CHW-2017-02 17-1192
Wenatchee -Entiat Beaver Restoration Restoration 04-LIW-2017-04 17-1195
Icicle Creek Instream Flow Restoration Restoration 04-ICL-2017-04 17-1191