Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan 

The Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan is a locally developed guide to be used by federal and state agencies charged with species recovery. In and of itself, the Plan is a non-regulatory document. It is not intended to be, nor may it serve as, a regulatory document forcing landowner action.

Document Date Description
Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan 9/13/2007 Final Recovery Plan
Federal Register Notice 10/9/2007 Final rule-making notice in the Federal Register formally adopting the Upper Columbia Spring Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan
UCSRB Plan Map 9/13/2007  
Appendix A 9/13/2007

Species List (PDF 118KB)

Appendix B 9/13/2007 Description of Spatial Structure and Diversity (PDF 4.8MB)
Appendix C 9/13/2007 Steelhead Analyses (PDF 101KB)
Appendix D 9/13/2007 Local Government Threat Criteria (PDF 205KB)
Appendix E 9/13/2007 Management Programs (PDF 75KB)
Appendix F1 9/13/2007 Analysis of Habitat Actions Using EDT (PDF 754KB)
Appendix F2 9/13/2007 EDT (Excel 31KB)
Appendix G 9/13/2007 Habitat Matrices (PDF 154KB)
Appendix H 9/13/2007 Biological Strategy (PDF 214KB)
Appendix I 9/13/2007 Integration of Recommended Recovery Actions (PDF 85KB)
Appendix J 9/13/2007 All H Analyzer: Introduction (PDF 60KB)
Appendix J1 9/13/2007 AHA Methow Spring Chinook (Excel 2.7MB)
Appendix J2 9/13/2007 AHA Methow Summer Steelhead (Excel 2.7MB)
Appendix J3 9/13/2007 AHA Okanogan Summer Steelhead (Excel 2.7MB)
Appendix J4 9/13/2007 AHA Wenatchee Spring Chinook (Excel 2.7MB)
Appendix J5 9/13/2007 AHA Wenatchee Summer Steelhead (Excel 2.7MB)
Appendix K1 9/13/2007 Economic Benefits (PDF 62KB)
Appendix K2 9/13/2007 Agricultural Impacts (PDF 97KB)
Appendix L 9/13/2007 Prioritizing Framework (PDF 38KB)
** Appendix M ** 12/8/2016 ** Updated 2015 Implementation Schedule (Approved by the UCSRB on 12/8/2016) **
Appendix N 9/13/2007 Okanogan County Outreach Efforts (large file -- PDF 10.4MB)
Appendix O1 9/13/2007 January 2005 Draft Comment Matrix (Excel 487KB)
Appendix O2 9/13/2007 April 2005 Draft Comment Matrix (Excel 475KB)
Appendix O3 9/13/2007 June 2005 Draft Comment Matrix (Excel 1.2MB)
Appendix O4 9/13/2007 March 2007 Final Draft Comment Matrix (Excel 1MB)
Appendix P 9/13/2007 Designing a Monitoring and Evaluation Program (PDF 40KB)